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The Wolves of St. Peter's
Take a virtual tour of The Sistine Chapel

Learn more about the artist Michelangelo and see some of his art on

Read more about Pope Julius II on Wikipedia and our blog.

Find out more about St. Peter's Basilica.

Listen to Italian Renaissance music.

Take a tour of Ancient Rome.

The Sidewalk Artist
Missed the launch parties in Toronto and Kingston for The Sidewalk Artist? Now you can catch up on both by clicking here.

Toronto sidewalk artist Chalkmaster Dave reproduced the cover of The Sidewalk Artist at the corner of Yonge and Dundas streets. For more of his work, watch this video.

Read about the history of sidewalk art or street painting.

Learn more about the artist Raphael and see some of his art on

Find out more about Raphael’s relationship with “La Fornarina.”

View the paintings of Gianantonio Guardi in the Chiesa dell'Angelo Raffaele, Venice (search under G for Gianantonio Guardi).

Read our interview with Ellen George for The Online Book Club forum.

Ciao Bella
Learn more about Homelifebed, a wonderful B&B in the Euganean Hills. Tell Poldo and Graziella we said hello!

Read a scholarly article entitled Pippo: An Italian Folklore Mystery of World War II.

Consider taking Italian classes at Istituto di Venezia, the school in Venice where Janice has often studied.

Listen to Bella Ciao, a popular song of the Italian Resistance.

We love this Japanese ska version of Bella Ciao.

Listen to another song of the Resistance, Fischia Il Vento.