Just in time for cottage and beach season: The Billionaire’s Secrets available worldwide as a paperback!

The Billionaire's Secrets by Meadow Taylor (the pen name under which we write romances) is now available as a paperback at Indigo, Walmart, Shopper's Drug Mart, and other stores across Canada - and on online booksellers worldwide.

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A contemporary romance about secrets and second chances that has seduced thousands of readers
Her career as a teacher is all but destroyed. Her personal life is in shambles. Thirty-two- year old Chloe Winters leaves Boston to become a private tutor to a young girl in an isolated mansion overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Newfoundland.

Billionaire businessman and philanthropist Gaelan Byrne is burdened by the fame he never asked for. And the secrets he can never share. Especially not with the young, beautiful, compassionate woman who turns up at his home to tutor his daughter, Sophia.

Their attraction is instant and powerful. But secrets get in the way. . .
They were both betrayed by people they trusted. They are both deeply lonely. But will they be able to see past their pain to find happiness together?

Readers love it: Ranked 4/5 stars overall on Amazon and 3.3/5 stars overall on Goodreads!

What readers on Goodreads say:
"I loved this book! I read it in the span of a day, and the love story filled my heart with that lovely giddy feeling a good book gives you. Love it being in Newfoundland also so close to my home province that it makes the story even more real to me. Also loved the twists in this book and did not predict any of them before they happened! Great book!"

BooksandBeyondFiftyShades: "What a surprise, this was a free download at the time, and I put it on the back burner and started reading it and finished it at 2am. I totally enjoyed this book the story was well written, the characters were real and likable, and the ending was not as predictable! This is a romantic love story (not erotic). I would recommend this book to anyone."

What readers on Amazon say:
"I was thinking this would be one of those awful Kindle reads, especially when the main characters kept warring over their feelings for each other. But the quality of writing and the depth of the story was impressive. An excellent read for my day away from the kids."

"Jane Eyre has always been one of my favorite books. This book took that story and added a modern twist. It did not disappoint!! Very enjoyable!"