Summer Vacation Musings

As the authors of historical fiction and a forthcoming historical mystery - The Wolves of St. Peter's - set amid the gritty death and grime of Renaissance Rome, we’re sometimes asked why we chose to write a genre romance too, namely Falling for Rain, a contemporary love story that takes place in rural Ontario.

We wrote a romance for the same reason people read them: It was fun. It was an escape. For readers and writers alike, they’re a break from the mundane and from tragedies that fill the front pages of newspaper. In the world of romance, nothing is so terrible that falling in love can’t cure. And while so much writing is the proverbial banging one's head against the desk, writing a romance (though not without its own challenges) gave us permission to spend our time daydreaming. As writers, it was ever so refreshing to have permission to write an unabashedly happy ending. To let our characters ride off into the sunset together. To live happily ever after. Because who doesn’t want to live happily ever after?

Falling for Rain was a romance Janice began well before she even met Gina. It’s a story that in many ways is closest to her heart. Not your typical exotic location for a romance, but the rural Ontario setting is the romantic landscape of forests and lakes in which she grew up and loves. Writing Falling for Rain was as much a going-home story for her as for the heroine Emily.

Its themes – forgiveness and redemption, that all is not lost, that life gives us second chances should we choose to take them – are ones that resonate through all our novels. And we fall in love with all the heros of our books: Raphael in The Sidewalk Artist, Frank and Ugo in Ciao Bella, and Francesco Angeli in The Wolves of St. Peter’s (we're happy to be seeing Francesco again in the next historical mystery novel of our envisioned Francesco Angeli trilogy).

Rain in Falling for Rain is no exception. As one Amazon reviewer wrote: “We all need a little Rain in our lives.”

Wishing everyone a happy and safe summer, Gina and Janice

BOOKS OF NOTE: As we delve into our next Francesco Angeli book, we have found Peter Ackroyd's marvelous book Venice: Pure City to be an invaluable resource.

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