Titling a Book is Not for Sissies – Part I

Titles for our books never seem to be a simple matter. We are very happy with the title of our latest work, The Wolves of St. Peter's. It seems so obvious now. But its first title was actually Murder of the Marigold Madonna. While we liked it, it somehow seemed too frivolous for the story we are trying to tell. Hence the current title.

TheSidewalk Artist both started out and ended as The Sidewalk Artist. In between, though, were several other possibilities when at first The Sidewalk Artist seemed too bland – ultimately, of course, it was perfect. We can't tell you how many people have told us how much they love that title.

We thought you'd enjoy seeing some of the rejects – they certainly made us laugh upon rereading!

 Angel Artist

Guardian Artist

Where All the Dreams Reside

A Woman Sits for Her Portrait

What You Don't Know

The Infusion of a Miracle

The Patron Saint of Happy Endings

If the Moon Could Love a Mortal

The Wonder of the Moonstruck Mortal

Silent Silver Lights and Darks Undreamed Of

The Rapture that the Painter Wrought

Long Has the Summer Sunlight Shone

In Spring's Unclouded Time

More on Ciao Bella next time.

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