Recent review of The Sidewalk Artist

A blogger named Ashley Boo read and reviewed The Sidewalk Artist. Here's what she had to say:

"I read the most amazing book today. It is called The Sidewalk Artist by Gina Buonaguro & Janice Kirk. It was such a touching story. It made me sad and happy at the same time and it made me want to go to Italy and study the history there. I've always wanted to go, but not really to study. Well, I guess it was to 'study' about the history of the artists that lived there and of their paintings that are there but now I want to know so much about them. Weird how you can read a book and forget its name in a month's time and others you will always remember. I think this is one I'm not likely to forget any time soon. It was all about a woman who travels to Europe to write a novel and about the famous artist Raphael. I wonder if the historical things in this book are true. I will have to look into it when I get home tonight. Anywho, if you have 3 hours I suggest you go pick up this book and read it. And even if you don't fall in love with it like I did, its at least a good novel and a wonderful love story."

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