Great review from Booklist

"When her husband, Ugo, joins the Italian Resistance, the Canadian Grace becomes Graziella and goes to hide with his family in the countryside. When Ugo fails to return, even after the war is over, Grace begins to feel stranded and isolated, especially since Ugo’s family has never approved of his marriage. The arrival of a young American soldier makes her remember her long-lost life as Grace, and she begins to dream about leaving Italy. Are love and loyalty permanent, or does the horror of war remove certain obligations? A compelling combination of romance, adventure, and serious thought, this slim novel is sure to appeal to many audiences.

YA: Teenage girls attracted to romance novels will find plenty to enjoy in this story, and will hopefully learn about a side of World War II not often covered in history classes, namely how the war affected those in Europe’s countryside towns."

—Marta Segal Block

(Booklist is the main publication of the American Library Association)

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